An automated external defibrillator is now housed in the old telephone box by the Mid Wales Inn. If someone has a cardiac arrest the first thing to do is call 999. After that, applying immediate CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation – chest compressionand artificial ventilation) and early defibrillation can more than double a victim’s chance of survival. This defibrillator is recommended by Welsh Ambulance Service and St John’s Ambulance and can be used successfully by lay people and bystanders with little or no training. Defibrillators are being provided throughout the country in public places such as shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, schools and universities.

The defibrillator has been provided by the St Harmon Community Council with funding from the British Heart Foundation and the Bryn Titli Wind Farm. The Council will also provide training in CPR and use of the defibrillator. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE TRAINING please email the Clerk to the Council.

Training on-line

Watch youtube video on use of defibrillator

Watch youtube video for use on a child